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Blaire Hall, LMT

Blaire in her element

I believe each person comes to each session with a unique set of factors that play into the environment of the client's body condition. Physical, emotional, and mental energies all play a part in the circumstances. I take a holistic approach and try to understand what is going on before approaching the body with touch. I am responsive, and ask clients to be as in tune with their body as much as they can be. If they are unfamiliar with such things, I can help them to be more aware of what they are experiencing as they go through the massage itself. There should never be a point where the client is discomforted; my goal is to create comfort, calm, and healing at the level to which you are ready.

My Journey

I have come to this line of work as a personal journey of sorts. I played volleyball at the Division 2 level in undergraduate for 3 years at Mississippi University for Women and love outdoor activities. In the past I have been a graphic artist (since 1999) working for some really interesting places like Figg Engineering, Inc., and Cade & Associates Advertising in Tallahassee. This career kept me keenly in touch with my creative side and intuition and was a lot of fun. Later, I became a teacher in the public school system in northwest Florida ending my teaching career at Bailey Middle School teaching Photoshop, sponsoring the yearbook and being responsive to many young ones, and the adults that surround such a stimulating career choice. Each career has brought me a level of satisfaction that was unparalleled by the other. Teaching ended for me in 2014 and a move brought a new career start yet again.

In each of these careers I sought to help find a state of peace, happiness in the dealings with the people with whom I interacted. Massage is yet another opportunity to help people find this sense, but is now much more directly related to their own personal healing instead of finding those feelings through their work or schooling, or entertainment. Helping others find this state of contentedness and healing brings the same to me, very much like being a teacher was an ironic statement of sorts — as students are such great teachers to the labeled teachers so many times. I am blessed to be of service, it is my dharma.

What My Clients Say


Blaire Hall completed Massage Therapy training in July 2017 at A Touch for Health Massage School in Texarkana, Arkansas. She became licensed in the state of Montana in early November 2017 just before moving to Manhattan, MT. Just prior to licensing, she completed 665 hours of training in massage therapy and taken an additional 24 hours of continuing education courses to expand her areas of experience. After arriving, she participated Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 & 2 training from Diana Schmeling, RN Usui/Holy Fire II Reki Master/Teacher and Holy Fire II Karuna Riki Master/Teacher in Big Timber, MT.

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