About Lavender House

Where can I find Lavender House?

7600 Shedhorn Drive Bozeman, MT 59718

What can I expect from a Lavender House massage?

  • A clean, safe and comfortable environment before, during and after the massage
  • Respect, courtesy, confidentiality and dignity
  • Privacy while changing and right to remove clothing only to their level of comfort for the massage
  • Being draped appropriately by a sheet, towel or blanket, with only the area being massaged exposed
  • A licensed/registered/certified professional massage therapist, working within their scope of practice and in an ethical manner
  • Option to ask questions of the massage therapist and receive professional responses
  • Determine if there will be conversation, music or quiet during the massage
  • An explanation of the nature of the massage and techniques to be used in advance of starting the massage
  • The right to consent to the massage techniques and approaches, including manual pressure, used in the massage

The name, Lavender House Massage came during a brief brainstorming session with an extremely talented, creative and dear friend. Much like anything done during the creative process, once you hit the intended solution there is a pause, an inexplicable knowing this idea is what you will be moving forward with to the next step. Later, we often ask ourselves why, and it can be made evident when we dig a little deeper. To a creative person, that is intuition speaking during a session. To a spiritual person, that is the guidance we all seek. It is hard to put words to this guidance, and it is much easier to use some form of art to express it. Whatever you want to call it, it is present in this world.

a bee on a lavender stalk

The word lavender has much historical tradition, and it is colored with an elegant beauty, connected to the earth, practical usages and a very feminine expression. The blooms of the lavender plant are used to extract essential oils often used for many remedies for all sorts of ailments. Insomnia, alopecia (hair loss), anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain are some examples, but even more studies are looking at how effective it is for antiviral and antibacterial conditions as well. The current word comes from latin lavare (to wash) and possibly livere, which means “blueish” giving an ever so accurate description of that indescribable color range that is hard to capture in anything but a dreamlike state. Purple is also one of the colors for the crown chakra, representing the 7th main chakra at the top of the head. The crown chakra is the point where the physical body and the soul overlap. It directs the energy that guides intuition.

House, of course, for the home. When we come home we feel good and when you come to Lavender House Massage your aim is to feel good – this is a mutual goal. A house filled with good smells, warm comfortable surroundings, kind souls and people that just make your heart feel better is the definition of home to me. Someone who is looking out for your well-being and has the knowledge and skills to help you on your way to increased health if you need an extra boost.

Collectively, this is a good representation of what I want my business to be about. A place filled with good energy looking to heal you, make you feel at home, and a partner to walk with you on your journey of life. Whatever capacity Lavender House Massage is for you, I’m happy to assist.

In that moment with my friend, I didn’t know all of this about the history of the words, colors of the chakras, or ¾ of what I’ve now researched. I don’t even know everything my future business will be, but it was a good start and it aligned with what I wanted my business to represent. In that moment, I felt it, but I didn’t know all the details. I went on intuition, and made the decisions and acted. I trusted that higher energy, and upon reflection I feel the decision was backed up with a solid foundation.

Some amazing things can happen if you allow this kind of energy to participate fully in your life. Some things you may not always understand right off the bat, but given time you can come to understand the reasons behind why things go the way they do. Why things are illuminated for you? If you learn to listen to these little suggestions given to your soul, you just may find out. With a name, image, sound, smell and idea like Lavender House Massage, could it really be that wrong?



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