When you bring two separate entities together that are different you often get differing responses from each entity. We are all living in relation to one another here. We understand this world through our relationships and through the relationships of concepts that we have established in our thoughts. Symbiosis is the word that comes to mind for me when wanting to share the ideas that follow. As humans we have any number of differing types relationships, and we can often control or manipulate the relationships and events that affect our lives. If you look at the effect of relationships on our lives, you will see the symbiosis affecting us positively or negatively – each different for each relationship. As someone who wants to help others heal, I intend on helping others focus on setting the focus on positive energies that help healing and personal growth.

The symbiotic section here is geared toward that: growth, healing and happiness. These pages are meant to enliven your soul and elevate your thoughts to a higher plane. Some are pensive, some are fun, and some are simply beautiful.

Symbiotic Education

Here are some educational links to help broaden your mind, expand your thinking, give you food for thought and help connect us all as a human species.

Symbiotic Relationships (video)

Symbiotic Learning Systems: Reorganizing and Integrating Learning Efforts and Responsibilities Between Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and Work Places — Eikeland, O. Journal Knowledge Economy (2013) 4: 98.

Health and education: A symbiotic relationship — Nathan Fioritti, 21 Feb 2017

Ecological Relationships How do species interact with one another and shape marine ecosystems? — National Geographic

Symbiotic Experiences

Here I share both my journey, and the journeys of others who are on similar paths to which we can relate. If one’s struggles and triumphs can make another’s life that much better, isn’t it worth sharing? Additionally, I share the delight of auditory, visual and intellectual experiences that might just make your day a little better.

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Symbiotic Events

Here is a place where want to share events that help to uplift individuals, groups and society at large. One moment at a time, we are walking a path to making things better.

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Symbiotic Joy

Part of enjoying this life is enjoying that which you have, and taking a moment to simply be present and thankful. Sometimes we get to add a little bit of joy to life with new products. A small gift to someone, or to yourself, can mean more than you ever imagined. Enjoy life as it is, enjoy it as it comes. Lavender House Massage, presents Symbiotic Joy, products that are geared to help you enjoy life, elevating you to better be able see all relationships from new perspectives.

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